A Hong Kong-raised, Edinburgh-educated, Switzerland-based 25 year old passionate about politics, cooking, fashion, bargain-hunting and, occasionally, fitness. Vegetarian. Proud owner of an electric spiraliser. So far, so basic. 

I’m currently studying for a Master of Science in Economics, Major in Management at USI in Lugano.  


Basically, people kept telling me to start a blog so I figured I’d do it. The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Deliciously Ella, a similarly white middle-class young woman with a penchant for spiralised vegetables whose blog went stratospheric. That’s the dream!

Here, you’ll find a rather jumbled record of my thoughts on various topics, mostly those listed above. Enjoy!

If you somehow ended up here via some platform other than Instagram, you can check out my personal Instagram here and my blog-specific instagram here.